Kitchen granite sinks have always been associated with elegance and durability. Remarkably resistant to high temperatures and damages caused by various substances. Kitchen sinks made of granite match perfectly with the classical as well as the modern look. Our offer also includes sinks with fitted faucet.

Brenor – the manufacturer of granite sinks, wash basins, faucets and bath tubs

As a renowned manufacturer of granite sinks, it’s our pleasure to present you with our highest quality kitchen sinks and faucets, granite wash basins, which are an elegant supplement to the interior of each “heart of home”. Our products are very presentable and durable. Our offer includes both modern and classic design. Moreover, the selection of 6 colors will let you choose a granite sink that suits your needs the best. Properly matched faucet makes the whole arrangement well thought-out and tasteful. Wide range of additional equipment: soap dispenser and an automatic pop-up siphon, allows you to create a perfectly matched set. Granite sinks and faucets are recommended for those, who care about the consistent look and well presenting effect.
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